Dear Colleague/ Parent/ Teacher/ Carer/Administrator - 

In 2007 my wife, Maaike, and a friend started the creche (day care center) Le Jardin

des Petits in association with Prim'enfance Colmar, France. Le Jardin des Petits is

based on the principles of the ecological movement and the Steiner organisation.

In 2010 the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) decreed that crèches are to be

responsible for the nappies used by the children. This ruling, combined with the

success of Le Jardin des Petits motivated me to investigate the brand of nappies

that would best answer to the principles adhered to by Le Jardin des Petits and still

be affordable. Researching the technical aspects of the absorbtion quality of the

various options available, I found that the brand Bio Baby fulfills the three-fold criteria

of comfort for the baby, biodegradability and affordability that Le Jardin has set as

its target. Your child will remain dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours with a single


Not only does fewer nappies being used mean lower cost, but more importantly, the

reduction of chemicals against your baby's skin compared to standard nappies,

reduces the risk of nappy rash and eczema, which is all too common. Even the risk

of asthma is considered to be lessened.

An additional bonus is that even the absorbent core of the nappy is

biodegradable. Since Bio Baby nappies vary in size to fit newborns and infants until

they weigh 16 kg, you do not have to switch to other brands.

Additional technical information about Bio Baby nappies is provided on the

additional attachment for your interest.